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iColours for Apple notebooks

David Chartier

If the white glow of the Apple logo in your notebook isn't touching your heart the same way anymore, iColours might be just the touch-up you need to rekindle your love of all Apple things that glow (of which there aren't many). These 'high quality' filters come in a wide range of colors, and as you can see from our screenshot - they're customizable. They have a decent gallery of custom designs, and they offer installation instructions for iBooks, PowerBooks and even MBs and MBPs [Update: turns out MacBook/Pro instructions are still brewing. Take a look before you place an order if you're an MB/MBP owner.]

Base price for a solid color is $3.99, including worldwide shipping. While custom designs are available, they ask that you contact them before ordering. Needless to say, installing these most likely blows any warranty you might have out of the water, but that hasn't stopped you before, right?

Thanks Jason P

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