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Archos' WiFi-capable 604 slips by the FCC


So Archos is getting into the WiFi PMP game. With as much buzz as devices like the Zune and the eternally unconfirmed wireless iPod get, you'd think it's the absolute holy grail of the PMP. But in truth you need some spankin' good software to back up the 802.11, or you're just wasting a chip. From the looks of the documentation of the Archos 604 WiFi, they've at least got it half right. The new version, which we spotted last week, includes not only 802.11b/g connectivity, but replaces the 4.3-inch 480 x 272 screen with a touchscreen version. As reported, they've packed in an Archos-specific version of the Opera browser, making the device much more akin to Nokia's 770 tablet than the Zune. Along with tabbed browsing and other touchscreen-based perks, the new 604 has full-fledged Windows file sharing capabilities, and seemingly robust WiFi connection tools. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any snazzy WiFi-based sync, sharing or purchasing capabilities -- all main selling points of the Zune -- so the verdict is still out on how successful this could actually be. Still, we're definitely willing to give it a once over, and a harmless little cage-match-to-the-death between it and our 770 shouldn't go too far amiss. Keep reading for a few pics of the WiFi in action.

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