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Safari's market share up 46% from last year

David Chartier

TUAW has long agreed that Safari support is not optional, and MacDailyNews is reporting that Apple's baby browser is continuing its market share march and has snagged 3.21% - up 46% from its 2.20 share in August of '05. However, MDN also notes that, from analyzing the data from NetApplications, it appears most of Safari's growth happened during 2005's holiday season, from about September to December of '05. In fact, Safari actually peaked this year in April with 3.30%, which could be attributed to anything - dropping Safari for Firefox being the most likely, since a lot of switchers probably use Windows/Firefox-heavy sites that might not play well with Safari - yet.

Either way, (as a reminder) this represents a strong upward trend of Safari use, which is also a strong indication of Mac use, since the browser is Mac OS X-only (well, mostly). March on Safari, march on.

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