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Video games and Wikipedia, perfect together

We love Wikipedia. Whether it's worlds inside games, worlds inside comics about games, or blogs about games, Wikipedia's got what every video game fanboy needs: an endless stream of entries ... that you can edit.

A short bit at the end of a recent MTV News column tipped us off to a recent article in erudite periodical The Atlantic Monthly covering the "most-edited articles" on Wikipedia. While video games might not be able to rack up Jesus or George W. numbers (Dubya's twice as popular as Jesus!), RuneScape made a seriously strong showing at number 8! So how did a humble, Java-powered MMORPG rack up nearly 11K edits? Vandalism!

Like Jesus, Islam, Christianity, and Britney Spears, video games inspire a sort of religious fervor. Of course, no company or brand is more familiar with this sort of devotion than The Big N, whose Wii console beat out Pope Benedict XVI to the number 19 spot (take that!).

For more on the popularity of gaming properties on Wikipedia, check out Wikimedia's top-100 most viewed charts for August. Again, the Wii comes in strong at number 11, with Fable, PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy VII, Mortal Kombat, and GameFAQs bringing up the rear. Depending on the relevance you would ascribe to Wikipedia's search results, a cursory glance puts gaming near the forefront of online interests -- up there with current events, television, and sex (yup, even on Wikipedia).

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