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Are you ready to break-up with Sony?

Joystiq Staff

Today's dual nuclear strikes by Sony have apparently tipped some loyalists over the edge, causing them to finally sever that umbilical game cord that's been tattered and barely hanging on since last May. Fanboys have weathered some rough storms as Sony dropped PR bomb after PR bomb, but today may have been the last straw as one such disgruntled man, Angry Gamer, has certainly had all he can take.

In a violently written Dear John letter, Mr. Angry lays down the law in his impassioned break-up note with Mr. Sony. Whether or not he's just burning through the day on pure emotion, his words certainly embody the anger many fans may be feeling at this moment: "Today was the breaking point. Delaying the PlayStation 3 to March 2007 because you couldn't make enough machines in time is the ultimate betrayal."

So, what about you Joystiq Nation? Has this news caused you to re-examine your console loyalty? We all know that Sony fanboys are a rabid bunch, but just how much damage can the Sony ship take before fans just start jumping off in a mass hysteria? Broken promise after broken promise can really add up for those who held complete faith in a company that has been so good to them in the past.

In fact, that seems to be the real problem here. Most may not be upset by delays, they happen, but instead angered over the promises and PR slips that continue to plague Sony and their PS3 launch. It's not about the news. It's about not being honest with your loyal customers.

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