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Devil May Cry 4 information leaked a tad early

Joystiq Staff
Considering there is a countdown about to run out at the official Web site, we expected to get more information on the PlayStation 3's standout title Devil May Cry 4 relatively soon. But, thanks to the power of the Internet and Japanese magazines, we can get the goods just a wee bit earlier. According to a rough translation of Famitsu, this is what you're gonna get with DMC 4:
  • The game takes place after DMC 1, but before DMC 2.
  • You play as a new lead character by the name of Nero.
  • Nero has devilish right arm. He can draw enemies toward himself and then throw them.
  • The combo system has as base the one from DMC3 and they are revising/reworking details according to the fans' comment-remarks.
  • Nero's sword has a bar. The sword has some kind of a driving force in it. It's a new way/element to enjoy the sword handling.
  • At the Tokyo Game Show there will be real-time footage.
You can view the magazine scans of the article and photos here:

scan 01
scan 02
scan 03
scan 04

It's nice to know there will be "real-time footage" at TGS, but how about some real-time gameplay on the show floor? That'd certainly be a nice way to extend the olive branch to disheartened Sony fans -- especially when you break the news to your Japanese base about getting the short end of the stick come launch day.

[Thanks, Gerard Flannory]

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