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DS addiction: just can't put that DS down!


Avid flickr user and mountain climber extraordinaire Rappateng recently had a buddy of his take some snapshots during their latest mountain-tackling adventure. A few of the snapshots are of great interest as Rappateng reports he took several breathers to throw down in some Mario Kart DS mid-climb.

We can't condone such an activity as it presents several clear dangers. These include:

  • Dropping the DS Lite to its doom
  • Banging the DS Lite against a rock while trying to snake
  • No Wi-Fi connection in nature
  • Jealous friend could very well kill you with a rock, take your DS Lite, and leave you to rot under a pile of Poison Ivy
We assume Rappateng's next adventure will include climbing some icy mountain in a foreign country, all in an attempt to make the most badass Christmas card ever.

[Via Infendo]

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