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ClearChannel, Cingular to offer radio station streams

Chris Ziegler

ClearChannel, purveyor of all things terrestrial radio, think they see the writing on the wall when it comes to mobile streaming -- and they don't intend to get left out of the fun. A fairly far-reaching deal with Cingular announced this week gives customers the option to download radio broadcasts from ClearChannel stations for $2.99 a month, while streaming adds another 99 cents to the bill. Only New York's WHTZ-FM is available initially, but plans are in the works for "up to 100" additional stations to launch in the next year. The download plan gives folks access to interviews and features, but it looks like the closest they'll be offering to music will come in the form of a list of the last 10 titles and artists that graced the airwaves. And if you thought $2.99 was enough to buy you out of advertising, think again -- "sponsor announcements" will be part and parcel with the service.

[Via MocoNews]

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