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HDBeat Podcast 030 - 09.07.06

Trent Wolbe
So we lied about making a habit out of delaying the Podcast, better late than never right? We would explain it, but who cares about excuses when you are waiting for a Podcast? We eventually celebrate the beginning of the College Football season and discuss the opening weekend of games, including ESPN's full circle coverage. Ben still can't stop talking about the Series 3 and forces our guest Warren and Erik into naming their price. From that point on it's all HD DVD vs Blu-ray, while we discuss how sick we are of the war more than we discuss the war itself. Itn the end Warren suggests we cover more HD programming and less format war. What do you think?

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Ben Drawbaugh and Erik Hanson.

Warren Wiltshire

Trent Wolbe

47:24, 21.8 MB, MP3


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