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New Cash Money Chaos details revealed

Chris Powell

Earlier last month, we learned the first details of Cash Money Chaos, Sony Online Entertainment's new SmashTV clone game show shoot 'em up, and even saw an video interview with gameplay footage. But before we go any further, I think we need to clear something up. Players won't take the role of Elvis, as previously reported; instead, they'll have the option of controlling Sonny, Cher, Ike or Tina. Yeah, I know it's disappointing not being able to control The King, but isn't Cher the next best thing?

IGN's Jeff Haynes recently had the opportunity to preview an early version of the game, and he gives us some fresh details.

  • The game has more than 50 different episodes (or levels);
  • Each episode consists of three rounds;
  • Five episodes will complete a season, and at the end of a season, players must face a boss;
  • Players will be able to use 12 weapons, including a shotgun or laser;
  • The game will feature three difficulty levels;
  • Players can replay levels by using the Rerun mode; and
  • Controls are almost identical to SmashTV (firing directions are mapped to the face buttons).
Jeff said the game controls very well and can handle "dozens of enemies and projectiles on screen without any slowdown."

Cash Money Chaos appears to be shaping up pretty well, and if you're a fan of similar games, you should find yourself right at home.

(Via IGN)

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