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Sprint launches streaming radio service, upgrades music store


Sprint recently announced that it is upping its mobile music offerings to include streaming radio in addition to its million-plus-selling music store, which itself is also getting a bit of a boost. Despite being dubbed Sprint Radio, the service will offer both radio and video content -- 50 channels in all, with music, news, weather, sports, finance, and entertainment from sources including NPR, ESPN, and Radio Disney. The service is available now on "select handsets" on Sprint Power Vision, Sprint Vision and Nextel networks for $5.95 a month. On the music store front, Sprint's announced that it's added user recommendation features, which'll suggest music Amazon-style based on your past purchases and other people's purchases. And for a bit of extra incentive for you to try it out, Sprint's offering three songs for the price of two 'till November 15th. Will all this be enough to get users to really start biting the bullet? Guess we'll have to wait and find out.

[Via Phone Mag]

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