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BenQ jumps aboard 22-inch bandwagon with the FP222W


All the cool kids are busting out 22-inch LCDs to prep for the impending release of Vista, and now BenQ is joining the fray with their new FP222W. Samsung has supposedly teamed up with the Microsoftees for an "official" Windows Vista 22-inch widescreen, and now it seems everybody is taking a stab at the blessed display size -- BenQ included. Their FP222W display runs a 1680 x 1050 resolution, has dual DVI and D-sub inputs, runs at a lovable 5ms response time, and also features BenQ's proprietary "Senseye" tech for automatic image enhancement. We're supposed to be seeing this one "in the beginning of September," so any day now.

[Via TG Daily]

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