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Eco-Fueler Roadster suffers identity crisis at 70 mpg


If you told us a few days ago you were holding out for that hot-rod aesthetic before jumped into the eco-car game, we might've questioned your sanity as well as your taste -- but now we'll just question the latter. Ah, we're just kidding guys! We suppose this new Eco-Fueler American Roadster does have a certain cutesy, almost mutant charm, and that 70 mpg figure is hard to argue with. The new three-wheeler sweetens the deal by running compressed natural gas, which goes for around 62 cents a gallon, and works out to about a penny a mile. Speed tops out at 120mph, and the Roadster has a sound system, heater and a hard-top for all the comforts of home. Production starts next month, and Eco-Fueler hopes to build about 150 of these a month for the $20,000-ish asking price.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

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