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Grand Theft Auto talks smack about Sony's online plan

Nick Doerr

GTA creator Dave Jones doesn't feel Sony will be able to compete with Microsoft's lofty internet service. In fact, he completely disagrees with it. His reasoning is thus: "I'm not going to put my credit card details with five different companies for some bits of downloadable content." That makes sense. If we had to register our credit card info with the creators of every item we ordered off of, say, in addition to that site itself, we should be a little concerned.

Should we have to register our private info with every company for a downloadable demo? Should we let the publishers come up with their own standards for these online games? While it may keep the online service for Sony's system free (somehow that logic clicks... not really sure how), it could become a hassle and a nightmare. Leaving our personal finance information on any sort of internet medium is dangerous! But does that mean Sony's service will be inferior to Xbox Live? We don't know. There's no way to look at a young child and a pregnant woman and say to the woman "your child isn't going to be as smart as mine." You don't know yet. So let's wait and see, Mr. David Jones. You just might be unpleasantly surprised!

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