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Joyswag: A Castle Crashers tee for your thoughts

One of the greatest parts about meeting The Behemoth's Tom Fulp at PAX (hi Tom!) was hearing how he read and incorporated our reader's feedback into the Castle Crashers' PAX build, specifically Psaakyrn's comment that enemies appeared to get stuck outside the screen. In the footage from the PAX build you'll notice a dearth of such behavior, with most of the action concentrated towards the center of the screen.

In the spirit of continuing this line of communication, we'll be giving away two of these super sweet Castle Crashers tees to a randomly selected comment containing feedback. Do you like the graphics? How much would you pay for a title like this? Did you manage to acquire the coveted "first post"? Just kidding, that last one doesn't count. Let us, and The Behemoth, know what you think of their latest effort and you could win a tee (continue reading for the rules). Get to it, we'll give you another chance tomorrow.

P.S.- Tom agrees with us, the world would be a much better place with a Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 game. He didn't say they're making one, he was just saying. We're gonna puff up our cheeks and hold our breath until PBCBSF2006 climbs out of its animated grave and into our interactive world. Starting. Now.

A few other things:

  • Only one entry per person, please (cheaters will be automatically disqualified)
  • The contest is limited to US entrants only, mainly because we don't want to ship overseas
  • You'll have until 2:30pm EST on Monday, September 11th to enter
  • This shirt is a size L ... we'll have an XL for you tomorrow afternoon
  • Please allow two to three weeks for prize delivery

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