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Gefen's new monster 1080p-equiped 8x1 DVI switcher

Matt Burns

Don't know how this slipped under our high-def radar but Gefen introduced a 8x1 DVI switch a few days back aimed for the truly HD obsessed. This monster can take eight different 1080p-enabled DVI connections and output 'em via a single DVI connection. Yeah, we know. DVI is so 2005 but don't forget that HDMI can work with DVI but you lose the audio stream. For some reason we don't envision this device on normal consumers media rack but rather a home distribution judging by the RS-232 port on the back. (top center) We are sure some HD nuts might just have enough DVI/HDMI equipped devices to fill this monster but at a whopping $899 we could see ourselves reaching behind of something to switch plugs to save a little cash.

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