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Kaleidescape goes "entry-level" with new $10k 1U server


Not a lot of companies have the brass to call a $10,000 media server their "entry-level" product, but the Kaleidescape peeps practically pity the weak-sauce consumers who can't pony up the $30k for their flagship server. According to COO Cheena Srinivasan, their new 1U server is "catering to the several hundreds of prospective customers that have witnessed a Kaleidescape demo, and the $30,000 configuration was a little too steep." Can't you just hear the derision drip? For the piddling sum of $10,000 you can now get the rack-mountable server with dual 250GB HDDs, which connects to your TV for flashy media browsing. Oddly, you have to choose between movie or music server functionality, or "upgrade" to both for $2,735. Another configuration is available for $17k that includes three 750GB discs and plays back both formats. The introduction of 750GB drives also means that if you make the right choice and spring for the full-fledged server, you can manage 8.25TB of storage. If that's not worth selling a kidney, we don't know what is.

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