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Apple iTV set top box announced: 2007


Apple is finally entering the living room with their long-awaited set top box, codenamed the iTV, due in Q1 2007. The box can stream video from a connected Mac/PC or directly from the internet. No word yet on HD content specifically, but with the component and HDMI jacks on the box it's certainly come to the high-def party with the proper attire. Besides that there are USB, Ethernet, RCA and optical audio connectors, plus included 802.11 "wireless component video". You can watch movies, podcasts, view photo slideshows all on your HDTV through an updated Front Row-style interface on this half-height Mac Mini lookalike, all for $299. Continue on for pics of the back and interface or check out Engadget's coverage of the event.

Update: Engadget has a hands-on and close up photos of the unit and interface, it is tiny. Still no word on supported output resolutions.

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