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EMIEW bot now able to mingle without maiming

Cyrus Farivar

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Ok folks, the future is officially upon us: Japan has just built a robot with a frickin' laser embedded in its head. Yes, we were thinking Cylons too, but it turns out that their intentions are not quite as devious. The new Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existance as Workmate bot (EMIEW) -- who last had a gig as a hotel clerk -- has now been equipped with a sensory laser, giving it the ability to navigate a crowd without bumping into people. Hitachi will demo the new-and-improved EMIEW at the 2006 World Automotive Congress beginning October 23 in Yokohama, Japan -- we just hope that its laser is also able to identify shorter folks, because injured toddlers are really bad PR.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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