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HD Trailer Tuesday

Matt Burns

It has been a few weeks since we have had the chance to do one of these but luckily Apple has been too busy as well to update the site with loads of content. They have only added a few new high-def movie trailers to their site and even though today might be a bad day for bandwidth (for Apple - not us), ah, what the heck. First up is Driving Lessons staring one of the boys from those popular Harry Potter flicks. The clip of course looks good in high-def, we love the transitions, but the movie looks surprisingly good. Give it a chance. But if you only have time in your busy day to watch one of these high definition clips, you must watch A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Wow. Looks amazing in HD but to be honest, this movie is going to be all about the content and most people would be happy with a 480i version if the flick turns out to be half as good as the preview. Lets Go To Prison looks funny and you might just need a laugh or two after Saints. If you are new to this, start at the 1080p option if you have a 'beefy' computer, but more then likely you are going to need to drop down to ether the 720p or 480p option if the system is a little older. That's fine though, the 720p and 480p clips still look great. Enjoy!

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