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UTStarcom reveals HTC 6800; Wizard followup will be Herald

Ryan Block, @ryan

Let's face it, the Apache (aka PPC-6700 / XV6700) and Wizard (aka MDA / 8125) are getting a little long in the tooth. We all know HTC's working on a followup for these devices, but it was seriously on the DL that we discovered the UTStarcom 6800, pictured above (and after the break). Ok, so it wasn't totally hidden or whatever, they actually had this thing right on a big banner on the booth, but UTStarcom refused to comment on the device, its launch, or any other details. They were just satisfied putting it up for thousands of industry people to see, and nothing else. For reference, it seems to look like an Artemis up in the face, but slides open like you know what, but now also features caps and function lock LEDs. Oh, we also learned -- not from UTStarcom, mind you -- that HTC's got a Wizard followup in the wings called the Herald (a name we've heard before), which gave us the warm n' fuzzies. Oh, and click on for another shot of the 6800.

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