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InFocus @ CEDIA - Screenplay 777 & IN78EX

Matt Burns

The Screenplay 777 is nothing new but the projector just commands attention and we complied. It is such a beautiful 3-chip projector that is in a league of its own when it boils down to style and class. Don't expect to put the unit on a end-table though as it is simply too big for that.

The big news from InFocus is the new 720p IN78EX DarkChip3 powered projector. By slightly reworking the cabinet from the 76 model and obvisouly throwing in the newer DarkChip3, InFocus has a winner on their hands. The demo they showed us in their pleasantly cool (a good 10-degrees cooler then the trade floor) theater consisted of a pre-record NFL game and The Island high-def trailer that look great. In the world that is CEDIA, this projector held its own and thanks to the DarkChip3 demonstrated astounding black levels. The demo switched to the HD DVD release of Saraha for the Screenplay 777 and even though this three-chip DLP had better detail, it just didn't have the same blacks as the newer and cheaper IN78EX. If you don't fall for all the 1080p marketing hype, this $4,499 720p projector might make its way into your home theater. And, yes, this projector might just look better then the Sony Pearl.

Click on for another look at the 777 and inside their theater.

777 hanging from the ceiling.

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