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Inside the mind of a cheater


Have you ever played Battlefield or Halo online, only to be faced with dirty, filthy, joy killing cheaters? What was your first reaction? Whatever it was, we're pretty sure it wasn't "hey, would you like to do an interview?" That's exactly what Richard (nice name) from Aeropause did. The interview is a fascinating look into the thought processes of a cheater. Here's one of our favorite selections. When asked what game makers should do to curb cheating, the schmuck responds:

"Give Up! There is no way to stop us. Everyone wants to cheat and we will always find a way to do it. Anyone reading this is simply jealous of the fact that I have enough nuts to cheat and play the game the way I want to."

Wow. In denial much? Cheating because you enjoy making people miserable at least has some semblance of sense to it, but actually believing people are jealous of the act? That's practically mental instability. Still, his response to one question makes it all better:

"Do you have a girlfriend?

Schmuck5000: What kind of freaking question is that for this kind of interview? How does me having a girlfriend relate to cheating? (AP: We will take that as a NO!)"

Ah, the fetid reek of Loserville. Makes us all warm inside. Hit the read link for more insight, if you dare.

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