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Meridian Faroudja's 1080p D-ILA projector


Our pals over at HD Beat continue to rock CEDIA, taking time to check out Meridian Faroudja's latest high-end projector offering -- the D-ILA1080PMF1 -- retailing for a hefty $20,995.. If you stare at that model name for a bit, you should realize that this one sports full 1080p with D-ILA technology backing it up, though the real stand-out spec seems to be its D65 reference color temperature, which should ensure that your colors are spot on. If there's one area where it comes up a bit short, however, it's inputs, with just RGB, s-video and DVI coming standard. You'll have to cough up another $5,000 for the processor upgrade to get a few more options -- according to HD Beat, it adds multiple progressive analog video outputs/inputs including RGBHV, component, RGBS and RGsB. Sure, $5,000 may seem like a lot for an add-on, but if you're throwing down $20k+ for a projector, we're guessing you can handle it.

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