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Yahoo to become default search engine on all Acer notebooks

Darren Murph

Since Google went ahead and did the deed with Dell, Yahoo has struck a deal of its own by landing a "multi-year" agreement with Acer (the world's third largest laptop supplier) to become the default search engine on all future notebooks. Yahoo already has ties with names like TiVo, Meedio, and DialPad, but hopes the "loading zone" -- which appears when an Acer user launches their web browser -- will connect another huge chunk of consumers to all facets of Yahoo content, including local weather, sports, and Yahoo Music; plans are already in place to ensure that Yahoo (not one of those other competitors) is the integrated search engine for the forthcoming Internet Explorer 7. While deals such as these certainly aren't surprising, those interested in Acer's hot new Ferraris might be a little alarmed when they arrive pre-modified, though returning them to stock shouldn't require too much "shop time" at all.

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