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Digital Entertainment Group to distribute HDTV Guide

Ben Drawbaugh

As much as we like to argue debate HD DVD Vs. Blu-ray or LCD Vs. Plasma, we are all on the same page when it comes to HD. Some think that it's important for consumers to understand HD, but understanding a technology and seeing the value in a technology are not necessarily the same thing. Either way; spreading the HD word is always a good thing and the DEG is preparing a HDTV Guide to help get the word out and it is supposed to be format neutral.

The odd part is the comment about HDMI, "Only 11% believe they are using an HDMI connection for their sets. An HDMI connection is needed to get the best digital picture and ensures the signal will always be in high-def." This sounds more like the DRM Nazis to me than anything else. We have seen that sometimes component looks better than HDMI, but regardless we try to never say always.

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