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Joyswag: Get a call from Otis, win Dead Rising -- one day later

A reminder that the second day in our four day Dead Rising giveaway contest is coming to a close (since we're late, we'll give you an extra couple hours to get today's entries in). We've already chosen yesterday's winner -- AJ Bothe's Simpsons meets Dead Rising mashup had us imagining a zombie outbreak in the Springfield Mall, with zombies pouring out of The Leftorium. Nice work, AJ. We've included some other honorable mentions after the break.

Send your entries in .jpg format to joyswag [dot] submissions [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll select one submission each day, over the next three days, that either makes us laugh the most, or infects us with enough T-Virus to tur ... B R A I N S. You better get started, today's entries must be received by 5:59am EST. If you win, we'll pack your precious game in a box, put that box in another box, write a magical incantation on its surface and then it'll somehow get to you. Be warned, this can be a very lengthy process, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

A few other things:

  • The contest is limited to US entrants only, mainly because we don't want to ship anywhere else
  • You'll have until 5:59am EST on Saturday, September 16th to enter
  • Please allow two to three weeks for prize delivery

Thanks for the entries, everyone!

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