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KidZone slowing down your TiVo?

Darren Murph

If you've got children whom you're attempting to safeguard from the many kinds of deplorable programming that might sneak into your living room with the press of a button (ahem), and you happen to own a TiVo, you've probably taken advantage of its KidZone filtering features. But when guarding your child's precious, innocent mind results in sluggish reactions from your DVR, something's gotta give-- and let us tell you, it isn't gonna be your kid's noggin. A crowd of folks over at TiVo's own forums are claiming that the most recent KidZone update (7.3.1) has created a number of unwanted problems: "delays during channel changing, slow banner changes, slow response to remote control commands, slow menus, lost cable signals, slow deleting of items, occasional lock-ups, and forced reboots with no alleviation of symptoms post reboot." Most reports thus far are coming from Series2 boxes, not the fresh Series3 flavor, and it seems TiVo is "looking into" the issue in an attempt to get it resolved. So parents, if you're deactivating KidZone as a quick fix and letting the remote roam at will are worried sick about your children's viewing habits, hopefully TiVo will have you back in business (and your kids out of luck) soon.

[Via PVRWire]

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