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Nissan prepping "intelligent" transportation safety system


Not content with stopping drunk-driving through technology, Nissan has set its sights on bad driving in general, with the car company set to being testing a new transportation safety system that'll alert you when you're speeding and provide other vital info to keep you out of harm's way. The system, which works in conjunction with Nissan's Carwings service, collects traffic information from other cars and from roadside beacons, relaying pertinent info straight into your vehicle, which will then alert you K.I.T.T-style of imminent danger... or a traffic light. Unfortunately, it looks like it's still a ways off from widespread use, with testing set to being next month Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and continue through March of 2009, with some 10,000 drivers expected to take part. It seems Nissan hasn't taken into account the fact that the system may already be obsolete by then, what with humans taken out of the equation.

[Via Northwest Flordia Daily News]

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