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32-inch MirageVision outdoor LCD is ready for the elements


While we at the Engadget HQ regularly present our LCD TV with offerings of grain and fruit, some people (heathens) might not treat their displays with the same level of respect, and for them there's the new 32-inch MirageVision LCD from Global Outdoor Concepts. There's not a whole lot that sets this display apart from other outdoor TVs on the market, but the specs aren't anything to scoff at neither. The 720p/1080i display manages a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, weighs 45 pounds and measures a mere 4-inches thick. Best of all, the unit can handle temperatures ranging from -25 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, along with rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. There's no HDMI or DVI to be seen here -- component is the best you can do for HD love -- but there's an optional wireless unit that should help keep your A/V equipment and cables out of the weather. The display should be going for around $4k whenever it drops.

[Via HD Beat]

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