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Breakfast Topic: Most Annoying Quest

David Nelson

Sometimes you are asked to do easy things, like kill some bears or find a doll. Other times you are asked to recover a couple lock boxes in a sunken boat surrounded by Murlocs. Without a doubt the most annoying quest for me as a new player in WoW was Deep Ocean, Vast Sea. I remember trying this with my first character and dying over and over again. Being new to the game, I never quit, and I eventually returned the lock boxes to their rightful owners. However, each of my other characters that have passed through Darkshore have avoided that quest like the plague.

Deep Ocean, Vast Sea is well known for being a pain, but I am sure there are others out there that give it some competition for most annoying quest in the game. What quests do you hate? Which quests are just way more trouble than they are worth?

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