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Universal Studios Home Entertainment president deals "death blow" to Blu-ray...not


Somehow in the Australian alternate universe iTWire occupies , a quote from Universal Studios Home Entertainment president Craig Kornblau citing early review victories and positive consumer reaction in the press release for HD DVD's promotional event at CEDIA 2006 is a death blow to rival format Blu-ray. To them, the mere force of his words have done what Universal Studios' exclusive support of HD DVD has not, settled the format war and sent Blu-ray packing. For some reason, they are surprised that a Universal exec is coming out in support of HD DVD, although Kornblau has gone public with his support before. They also paint a misleading picture where all of the studios were behind Blu-ray before and go on to name only the studios supporting HD DVD now. This time last year, we were watching Paramount and Warner Bros. go from only supporting HD DVD to supporting both formats, not to mention Sony Pictures and Fox staying exclusively Blu-ray. While some of us at HDBeat have chosen sides, all would likely agree it's just a bit early to be proclaiming a "death blow" based on shoddy reporting and verbal support.

[Thanks, Tyler & Joystiq]

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