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JVC intros new "made for iPod" stereos


JVC announced a new line of home stereos and "boomboxes" today (set for release this month and next) -- not all that remarkable expect for the fact that each sport the coveted "Made for iPod" desgnation. The NX-PS1 (seen above) is the top-of-the-line model, though still on the low-end comparatively speaking, running just $249.95. It'll give you 10 watts per channel with a 30-watt amplifier for the powered subwoofer, and includes USB Host support for use with non-iPod DAPs as well as JVC's USB Audio function for connecting the stereo to a PC or Mac. Taking things down a bit, we've got the RA-P10 (peep after the break), a clock radio-type unit with four watts per channel, an iPod dock, blue backlit display, and a room thermometer, all for $129.95, as well as the $199.95 UX-EP25, a low profile system "about the size of a small laptop computer," also with USB Host and USB Audio support. And for those less concerned with style, the $99.95 RC-EZ38 (last one after the break) should fit the bill -- it's also the only one of the four with a cassette deck (sometimes you just gotta let go, JVC).

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