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Disney intros Mix Max PMP, Mix Micro DAP, updated Mix Sticks

Evan Blass

Mickey Mouse, you're certainly no Hello Kitty, but anytime you find a product worthy enough of your rare endorsement and seal of approval, we're sure gonna sit up and take notice. Following the success of such Disney-branded consumer electronics as cameras, MP3 players, videogame consoles, cellphones, flash drives, portable DVD players (those turned out to be especially hot), and even computers, the Magic Kingdom has decided that children and Peter Pan-ish adults are now ready for their very own PMPs, entering the category with a stylin' little player called the Mix Max (not to be confused with the Pix Max or Mix Sticks, of course). Available in several different "eye-catching" designs -- including Tinker Bell (pictured above and after the break), Forever Princess, and a Cheetah Girls model nauseatingly described as having a "funky, 'Tween Bling style" -- the Mix Max sports a 2.2-inch screen, 512MB of internal memory, and an SD card slot for storage expansion or playback of Disney's new Max Clip movies (High School Musical, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Lizzie McGuire, etc., etc.). Also announced were an updated version of the Mix Sticks DAPs (now with 512MB of storage and a rather confusing playlist creator dubbed "MixIt!"), along with a new portable audio player called -- you guessed it -- the Mix Micro (128MB, SD/MMC, WMA/MP3 support). The new Mix Sticks (still just $50!) and $20 Mix Micro seem to be available immediately, while you'll have to put up with your kids begging and pleading for the $100 Mix Max until sometime next month.

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