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Textbook bares all on sex in games


Brenda Brathwaite knows good game sex. The founder and chair of the International Game Developers Association Sex Special Interest Group and lead designer on Playboy: The Mansion organized the Sex in Video Games Conference this summer and schooled GameHead's Geoff Keighly on some classic sexually themed games. Now, Brathwaite has unleashed a 300-page text book on the subject, titled, appropriately enough, Sex in Video Games.

This book is long, thick and certainly knows what it's doing. From the history of sex, positive inclusion and censorship, to emergent sex and sex across cultures, it's a comprehensive reference of some of the more social aspects of our tech-heavy industry.

Certainly one of the most interesting chapters in the book is the 20-page chronology and analysis of the Hot Coffee incident. The book covers everything from the initial discovery to the modest investigation and finally the full-blown media circus with interviews with the original hot coffee modder Patrick Wildenborg and MIT Prof. Henry Jenkins.

It is great to see an academic textbook showing it all off regarding this taboo subject. After all, as Brathwaite says, "games are not just for kids."

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