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Far Cry Vengeance designer speaks


We've suspected that Jack Carver would make a showing on the Wii for some time now and it was no surprise when Ubisoft finally gave up and admitted it was happening. Turns out IGN managed to interview the Wii version's designer, Fabrice Cuny, and extrapolate several details on the game as well as a slew of screens. This isn't just Far Cry Evolutions Predator with a new coat of paint, however, as Cuny is quick to explain that Vengeance will feature a new storyline, maps, and weapons.

Of the new maps, 3 were mentioned as Tourist Resort, which is a hotel setting, an abandoned WWII base, and a fuel refinery. The new weapons that players will be able to wield in these environments are a machete, a Bull44 revolver, G18 automatic rifle, and more that Cuny would not reveal. Also, it is confirmed that Far Cry Vengeance will able to run in 16:9 and progressive scan.

Head on over to IGN and check out the new screens.

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