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PSP sales boost attempt #347: stealth attack


Sony has made numerous attempts on Nintendo's portable handheld crown with their PSP, but nothing really seems to stick, since DS sales numbers are just as astronomical as ever. Now Sony has taken to camouflaging their PSPs in an attempt to catch consumers unawares, thereby tricking them into purchasing the portable console. (Or perhaps they're trying to break into the notoriously tough hunting, camping, and peeping tom demographics).That's the theory anyways, because we're not really sure why somebody would pick one of these camo units up otherwise. Especially with Sony busting out a whole bunch of fruity PSPs and a silver edition alongside the camo version -- and of course there's always that incredibly pink version to consider. As far as price and availability, we're not quite sure Sony even plans to bring these things to market, but if they do we're banking on a Japan exclusive for a while before they come to the States, so hopefully we'll have ample warning. Be sure to peep the fruity and silver editions after the break.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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