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Japanese PS3 games to cost up to 9,800 ($85 USD) [update 1]


[Update: Sony announced that pricing for first-party games would be ¥5980 ($50 USD) while third-parties have announced higher prices, like Sega's ¥7140 ($60 USD). Nothing to see here.]

We'll begin by clearly and emphatically stating that the following information has no official bearing on the price of PS3 games in the U.S. or other countries.

IGN is sourcing Japanese journalist Munechika Nishida's "multiple information sources" that PS3 games will be between ¥8,800 ($75 USD) and ¥9,800 ($85 USD). Development costs are being blamed for the pricey games.

The article also states that third party developer support is lagging for the PS3 and that Sony will switch to a "traditional business model" where they'll sell the PS3 at a lower price and recoup the money off of software sales.

The big question is if Nishida's information winds up being true for Japan, what's it going to mean for the rest of the planet? Maybe non-Japanese gamers will pay less for games, considering we're not even getting that PS3 price drop. Then again, maybe not.

[Thanks, Martin]

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