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Take your PC anywhere with RingCube's MojoPac software

Darren Murph

If your remote access setup just ain't cutting it, RingCube Technologies has developed software that allows your iPod, external HDD, USB drive, or other fancy form of storage to be utilized as a "private and portable PC." MojoPac manages to cram your Windows XP desktop, settings, accounts, and even programs and preferences onto any portable storage medium to be accessed as a virtual desktop. The software essentially relocates your data to an on-the-go device, while it borrows the resources from any other Windows XP computer you manage to locate. RingCube touts the software's ability to run "side-by-side" with the host PC, allowing you to work in both domains while keeping all of your private info secure; since all data transmissions reportedly occur on your MojoPac-equipped storage device, no traces of your work (in cache form or otherwise) are saved on the host PC. Of course, the utility of such a setup is greatly reliant on the speed of your storage device, so attempting to render a Photoshop document from a USB 1.1 thumb drive would likely create a fair amount of frustration. Nevertheless, satisfying your curiosity here won't cost a dime -- MojoPac is currently available for a free month-long trial, after which the "introductory price" is $29.99 for the initial license ($14.99 for add-ons), while the late bloomers will pay nearly double that.

[Via SiliconValley]

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