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TGS 'best of' video roundup, yeehaw!

Kevin Kelly

Our must-see-Tokyo Game Show list of videos delivers a jab straight to your optic core. This year's standouts are embedded after the jump. Click the links for larger and downloadable versions.

Tell us what your favorites were from the show and we'll add 'em to the lineup.

White Knight story trailer -- This one is pretty damned impressive, and begs the question, "Oblivion who?"

Bioshock in-depth demo with developer commentary -- new shooter seeks to redefine the genre, and shocks us

Blue Dragon gameplay
-- new RPG makes 360 owners swoon

Ridge Racer 7 gameplay -- hard to avoid hearing "Riiiiiiiiidge Racer!" but these cars look really sharp

Lost Planet multiplayer gameplay -- play around in the snow with your friends, building snowmen, killing each other, etc

Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer -- no real surprises here, but the gameplay looks solid and fun, and it's about time

Trusty Bell "battles" gameplay -- Another Japanese RPG heading for U.S. shores

Resistance: The Fall of Man trailer -- we cant's resist the sweet graphics and intense gameplay

Lost Odyssey gameplay -- Another 'Lost' game makes us want to find it, pronto

Lair "tilt control" gameplay -- innovative usage of the PlayStation 3's motion sensitive controller

Phoenix Wright 4 trailer -- finally, original hot legal action come to the DS

Booth Babes montage -- this is obligatory, complete with slo-mo footage

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