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The self-explanatory Millennia microwave in-a-drawer

Darren Murph

If sporting a TV / microwave hybrid is too embarrassing for guests to see, or you just need one more completely extravagant household item to brag about, Dacor's got you covered. Its latest offering takes the conventional convention oven and relocates it away from the wall or countertop, and into a dwelling area most usually inhabited by silverware and Saran wrap. The Millennia microwave in-a-drawer was apparently engineered to be installed under a counter, in a kitchen island, or essentially any location where having a microwave would look thoroughly gauche. The 1.0 cubic foot cooker sports 950 watts of roasting power, defrost, reheat, and popcorn modes, 11 power levels, child lockout, automatic shutdown sensors, a timer function, and a nifty "one-touch" sliding door. While we aren't sure what this (presumably costly) device will run you, nor how much of your kitchen you'll ravage while installing it, you'll have the rest of the year to weigh your options and decide how important kitchen aesthetics really are to you.

[Via Gizmag]

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