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Jaffe abandons PSP, releasing quick-turnaround PS3 title


David Jaffe didn't have to make a game to "make you cry," he just had to cancel it. After boisterous claims that he was working on a game that would bring tears to our eyes, Jaffe blogs -- yep, back from his hiatus -- that this mysterious Project HL is now "on the shelf." For you optimists, the foul-mouthed designer adds, "fuck it. We'll do HL later ... maybe."

As it turns out, Jaffe has focused his spastic energy on an unannounced PlayStation 3 project, which apparently shares characteristics with Twisted Metal and Bomberman and, well, Jaffe's not ready to say much else ... Interestingly, the game has only been in development for 6–7 months, but being on the verge of goin' Alpha, Jaffe expects the final version to hit retail between November and January. A surprise launch title? Perhaps.

In typical Jaffe fashion, the post explodes, in ALL CAPS, into an excited ramble, envisioning the future of games as "SHORTER, LESS EXPENSIVE" projects, akin to the churn'em-out-style of old Warner Bros. cartoons. "...just knocking them out," blogs Jaffe, "and some are -- worst case -- just average, while some are amazing ... but it adds up to a hell of a batting average over time and lots of fun games." You have our attention. Now please deliver.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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