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Jelbert GeoTagger adds GPS tracking to cameras

Darren Murph

For those of you who need that oh-so-critical GPS meta-data while shooting in the field -- and you're one to change cameras more frequently than clothing -- Ricoh's GPS-integrated digicam doesn't do you a whole lot of good, and while Sony's GPS-CS1 was a start, Jelbert's GeoTagger ups the ante by providing real-time location / date data via the strapped on Garmin Geko 301. The less-than-sleek contraption most conveniently attaches to the hot shoe of any SLR / DSLR, but can supposedly be used with any manual focus cam in some form or another; depressing the shutter button triggers the stamping action, which saves the GPS information (including your current direction) to a dedicated SD card that can be merged with your photos using third-party software (such as RoboGEO). So if you're looking for some precision tagging to go along with your pointing and shooting -- and don't mind the, um, unpolished look -- the GeoTagger can be picked up now for £149 ($284).

[Via The Raw Feed]

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