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PhotoBot provides automatic touchups to your pictures

Darren Murph

Sure, you might have an exorbitantly expensive DSLR, or maybe you've forked out for a digicam touting OIS, but even the most brilliant photographs can't truly shine without a little TLC in the post-processing lab. While a bit of Photoshop or Aperture work can go a long way, the process itself can become a bit grueling, and Tribeca Labs is aiming to take time out of the equation and make touchups as good as automatic. Its PhotoBot software runs in the background of any Windows XP / 2000 PC (better fire up Boot Camp, dear Mac users) and automatically sniffs out freshly loaded pictures. Once located, the 'Bot works its magic without so much as a confirmation click, and Tribeca claims the program will brighten dark images, reduce red-eye, enhance colors, and take the guesswork out of perfecting a photo. Additionally, it will upload your pics to a "Swiss Picture Bank" (for a $5 / month fee, of course), so you can presumably rest easy knowing your precious files are residing safely on redundant storage halfway across the world. While we can't say for sure how well this contrivance actually works, nor how heavy it relies on system resources, you might as well give it a spin while it's still in beta (read: free).

[Via CNET]

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