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i.Tech's mobile SD DVR

Cyrus Farivar

Manually converting videos to play on your cellphone is often a pain in the neck -- so thankfully our friends in Hong Kong have come up with a way to solve this incessant problem: the mobile Digital Video Recorder. According to the company's site and Slashphone, you simply plug the mDVR into the television via three "CA AV" jacks (we're assuming that means composite) and presto, you're now able to record your favorite shows direct to an SD card that you can later pop into your Treo or the handset of your choice. We know, never been done before, right? And as you can imagine, this isn't really H.264 codec quality we're talking about here, but how many phones are great at playing that anyway? You get 3GP and H.263, at QCIF, CIF and QVGA resolutions -- and you'll like it In other words, it'll probably do the job -- assuming that at some point iTech lists the price and get some distribution channels lined up.

[Via Slashphone]

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