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Swanni's 2006 'Best & Worst' HDTV list - now here is the best

Matt Burns

Yesterday, we brought you Philip Swanni's Worst Celebrity in HDTV listing and today, here now here is the best. Starting out this year is the stunning Scarlett Johansson followed by the almost equally breathtaking Beyonce Knowles. Evangeline Lily and Josh Holloway, both of Lost fame, hit the list at three and four but Eva Longoria holds down number five desperately strong. Charlize Theron rings in at number six followed by Christina Aguilera at lucky number seven. Elizabeth Hasselbeck represents The View on this list at number eight while Ben Affleck somehow made it onto the list at number nine. Number ten is Martha Stewa...what? There has to be someone better looking then Martha Stewart to finish Swanni's Best & Worst list. How about the two My Name is Earl babes, Jamie Pressly or Nadine Velazquez to name two better candidates then the jail bird Stewart.

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