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The HD DVD and Blu-ray release of Lake House suffers on both format

Matt Burns

The Lake House was just hit the streets on Tuesday of this week but High-Def Digest already has the skinny on both releases. Thankfully, both of these titles utilize VC-1 encoding so the picture quality should be top notch but there are issues with both discs and because the releases came from the same master, both discs have the same problem. They are reporting that while the discs don't look bad, they also don't look great ether. Both the HD DVD and Blu-ray releases appear a bit soft and while there isn't any noise or defects, it just doesn't 'wow' you. So apparently, MPEG-2 had a lot to do with the original HD DVD/Blu-ray title bout that declared HD DVD the winner in terms of picture quality. Now that some Blu-ray release are opting for VC-1, the picture quality should be up to snuff.

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