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Undocumented ZG boss tweaks in effect

Mike Schramm

You alert players have noticed a few undocumented changes in Zul'Gurub lately. Reader Ajax (or "Ajaxthegreat," his choice, I guess) writes to say that his guild noticed tonight that the bat boss seemed buffed. Actually, that's not new as of 1.12.1-- my guild went in there a few weeks ago after 1.12 came out, and noticed exactly what Ajax did-- that High Priestess Jeklik had a little more bounce to the ounce. She's got more HP for sure, her mind blast seemed harsher to us, and Ajax's guild guesses that there's more bat spawns coming out with each wave.

But the newest news is this: with 1.12.1, the bats leading up to Jeklik are now exploding again. That's right, one of the great joys of running ZG-- avoiding the exploding bats-- got nerfed on a previous patch, but apparently, according to Jenn over on lj, the bat-splosions are back. OMG run away from the bats! You have to love the exploding flying rodents.

Makes you wonder if the whole non-exploding thing was really a nerf or just a bug. The only other unlisted change I can think of lately is that hitting V no longer works to find the real Jandice Barov in Scholo-- you've got to use a macro ("/target Jandice") or just hit Shift+Tab to focus on last target. Anyone else notice any undocumented mob buffs or nerfs, in ZG or anywhere else?

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