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Creative unveils MuVo V100


We've gotta give props to Creative here. Not only are they gutsy enough to release such a minimal update to a fairly ancient form factor, but they're even taking their product numbering "backwards" with the new MuVo V100, a followup to the V200. The biggest improvements are the size gains, the player now comes in 1GB and 2GB capacities, compared to the max 512MB in the V200. The player also has gotten a hefty price slash (S$149 for 2GB, which is roughly $88 US) and a slightly shaved down size (3.5mm off the length, 1.5 off the width, and 1mm thinner). Creative also bumped the battery life by 3 hours, for a whoppin' 18 hours off of a single AAA battery, but the tiny monochrome display remains the same, and the player is still pretty clunky compared to a lot of similar players on the market. However, the MuVo still remains one of the best mini-players around with a full-sized USB port, and the improvements here, while minimal, are all plenty welcome.

[Via CNET; thanks Pimpy]

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