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South Park World of Warcraft clip! [UPDATE]

David Nelson

I wondered yesterday if World of Warcraft was going to be the main focus of South Park this week or just a minor plot device. My question is answered. WoW is going to be featured on South Park in a very, very big way. If the preview clip on the front page of (thanks to Medivak for the quick heads up) is any indication, it looks like WoW and the millions who play are going to be savagely mocked by the South Park crew.

This is going to be fantastic!

And no matter how brutal the parody, Blizzard has to LOVE the South Park spotlight with the Burning Crusade right around the corner.

UPDATE: Thanks to the comment crew, we have the original clip on Youtube. Additionally, we also have another clip from the show, via South Park Studios. Thanks to Agrar and Tim for the info!

UPDATE #2: The synopsis for the WoW episode at South Park Studios reads: "The boys dedicate their lives to defeating a mad gamer and saving the World of Warcraft." Is the mad gamer Professor Chaos? Elizabeth Harper? Who knows! Am I hyping this episode a little too much? For sure!

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